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I grew up on a Texas farm in the early 70’s and my very first gun, outside of toy and cap guns, was a Sheridan “Blue Streak” 5mm. When all of my friends had BB guns, I had what I knew as the greatest big game rifle in the world! It took all sorts of vermin from in and out of the yard and kept the gardens and flower beds clear of pests and rodents. Getting older, the next big move was to a .22, followed then by a 20 ga shotgun, and since then literally hundreds of guns bought, traded for, collected and prized! A Lot of those, I wish I’d had the foresight to keep….many have long since gone down the road. 

Several years back, when the ammo shortage was in full swing, I unknowingly went to Wally World for my usual several bricks of .22 ammo to tide me over for a weekend of plinking and the guy behind the counter looked at me like a joker for even asking for anything rimfire!! Ok, same everywhere….glad I don’t shoot Everything up….major rule of farm living! Well, I have to shoot, so I picked up a new RWS 34 in .177 and resumed my plinking habit, just at a shorter range. The more I shot it, the more it took me back to my childhood of accurate shooting and making the one shot I had count!  

A Whole New World!


One day, my Dad handed me a gun magazine with an article in it about a guy shooting a feral hog with a .45 cal airgun!?! Really, I thought? So began a research trail that has forever changed the look of my gun safe!! After literally months of reading reviews and watching YouTube videos until my eyes were falling out, I decided on the first PCP gun for me… AirForce Condor SS in .25 cal! Boy, did I make the right decision. But you know guns, you can’t have just one…or is it 10…or… Then, not long ago, I was going through a closet at my parents’ farm house and turned up a couple of real treasures…..not only my first Sheridan, but my Dads first pellet gun as well, a Crossman 101. Wow! Yes, they’re still complete and on the list to restore!

So that is what has brought me to where I am right now. Having pondered and pained on which one to buy and why or why not…. Why wasn’t there a place where you could go and say, “let me see That one”, scratch it….sniff it, really see how it fit and felt?! These guns are a substantial investment! It shouldn’t be this hard! After reading a lot of the forums, I found that the guns that are sold as “refurbs”, well, there’s really nothing wrong with them! They were returned because it wasn’t the right fit for that customer and they took it in the shorts finding that out! But they didn’t just buy the gun…they spent as much or more on all the accessories that make their investment possible! That’s what pains me now! We have a sport that is So much fun, and amazingly affordable in the end, but somebody out there is soured on it because the “fit”  or the service was wrong. 

AirGuns of Texas!


That is where AirGuns of Texas comes in! My goal was to be a stocking dealer of Quality lines of PCP, gas and spring airguns…and the accessories that make your choices complete and fun…..where you can come in and try it for size and function and not leave with something that will end up in a closet or for sale on ----List later on. What I know is that there has to be a better way to promote and build the sport of air gunning and I’m pretty sure that step is personalized service and helping educate customers on all aspects of airgunning, showing them their options, Then accommodating their needs! I would have given anything for that experience, if for no other reason than to see and feel the options before me but also to lean on the counter and listen to “shop talk” and learn from the experience of others around me. 

Currently, (August 2018), I’ve been open for Four years now and have made Many new friends and customers abroad! I have also expanded into a new Larger location to allow for New growth! I have a much larger retail space and Ten acres to work with in which I’ll have a 2 lane 25yd indoor range, a 100yd outdoor range and out back, an 8 acre airsoft field! I want to thank my Current Customers for your continued support and Welcome new customers to join us in our Passion! 

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Please be Patient as I rebuild my WebSite! Thanks, Edwin Bumpass

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